Council backs down on City Centre fines

(15 March) Coventry City Council had proposed fining people £100 for cycling at certain times in certain places within the area bounded by the ring road. Following consultation, it now proposes that only people who cycle in a manner which is not "careful and considerate" and who do not obey a request to dismount will face a fine. See section 3.6.3 of the Council report

Council officers expect that sufficient video evidence will be available to settle any dispute over whether any particular instance of cycling was or was not "careful and considerate".

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A change from thinking that cycling is anti-social to only regarding inconsiderate cycling to be anti-social is to be welcomed.

Cycling in the city centre is not like motoring. For almost a century it's been realised that allowing motoring in an area usually leads to the space being dominated by cars, whether moving or parked. In the foreseable future there's no chance of the city centre being dominated by the presence of bicycles. Inconsiderate cycling can be a problem, but the mere presence of pedal cycles is not.