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Cycling is Good for

  • The global environment - If people used cycles rather than cars for shorter journeys (less than 5 miles), less "greenhouse" gas would be produced.
  • The local environment - Just imagine what a busy road, currently packed with cars, would be like if the people were riding cycles instead. So quiet, no fumes.
  • Society - Most people could use a cycle for personal transport. If cities were designed around pedal cycle transport, people wouldn't be excluded from normal social activities if they didn't have a car.
  • Yourself - Cycling is cheaper than driving and more flexible than using buses. It's also a great way to enjoy yourself and one of the most simple and effective ways of getting fit. Cycling, even at a gentle pace can help you to feel good and look great. Why waste time and money on boring gym exercise bikes?

A46 A428 east side

A428/A46 junction

Often called the "TGI junction", Highways England are proposing to build a flyover for A46 traffic.

The roundabout will remain. The good news for cycling is that the path on the south side of the A428 east of the junction will be widened to a shared pedestrian/cyclist path between the roundabout and Oakdale Road. That's marked yellow on the aerial image. This might encourage more residents of Binley Woods to leave their cars at home when they shop at the various stores on the Coventry side of the A46 (B&Q, Lidl, Morrisons, M&S et al)

Unfortunately, there's no plan to improve the roundabout at the entrance to the B&Q car park. The route cyclists are supposed to take is shown in yellow below:

B&Q roundabout

West bound cyclists are probably better off using the service road to access Brandon Road than trying to use the recommended route.

WM Hire Bikes

Public Bicycle Hire Comes to Coventry

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close passing

Close Passing

Too many motorists have never experienced being closely passed by car when a riding a bicycle.



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