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Cycling is Good for

  • The global environment - If people used cycles rather than cars for shorter journeys (less than 5 miles), less "greenhouse" gas would be produced.
  • The local environment - Just imagine what a busy road, currently packed with cars, would be like if the people were riding cycles instead. So quiet, no fumes.
  • Society - Most people could use a cycle for personal transport. If cities were designed around pedal cycle transport, people wouldn't be excluded from normal social activities if they didn't have a car.
  • Yourself - Cycling is cheaper than driving and more flexible than using buses. It's also a great way to enjoy yourself and one of the most simple and effective ways of getting fit. Cycling, even at a gentle pace can help you to feel good and look great. Why waste time and money on boring gym exercise bikes?

A46 Stoneleigh proposals

A46 Stoneleigh - plan for another horror junction?

Cyclists travelling between Gibbet Hill and Stoneleigh village will have to move out to the right to avoid the "free flowing" traffic destined for the A46 slips. Then they will have to wait for a gap to enter the gyratory. Finally they will have to dodge traffic leaving the A46. This traffic is likely to be faster than the current traffic as the curvature radius for both left and right turning traffic leaving the A46 will be larger than in the current arrangement. More.

close passing

Close Passing

Too many motorists have never been on a bicycle when a lorry passes close by.


Cycling modal share - copenhagen

More cycling than driving in Copenhagen

Danish capital shames transport bosses on this side of the North Sea

Title page of WM Cycle Charter

Holding the West Midlands Mayor to his promises

In May, Andy Street was elected the first West Midlands metro mayor, with a slim majority of just 3,766 votes. What should he do?
Chris Lowe (Birmingham Push Bikes) opinions.

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Longford Cycling Festival

City Ride

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